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We are located in Paso Robles and offer services to all of San Luis Obispo County. 

We offer Professional hot water extraction (steam cleaning) Solutions using our deionized water filtration system (soft water) to remove any harsh mineral and metal buildups going back into your home. 

Ask about our all new Anti-Allergen Pack a 4 step proven treatment.  Starting at $500

• Denatures Allergens To Relieve Allergy Symptoms
• Works On Dust Mite, Dog, Cat, & Cockroach Allergens
• Provides A Residual Effect For Up To 6 Months
• Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable
• No Pesticides, Perfumes, Solvents, VOCs or Phosphates


Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout, Upholstery, Fabric Cleaning

  • Residential and Commercial carpet cleaning on all carpet types (polyester, nylon, olefin, cotton, wool).

  • Tile and grout steam cleaning & reseal, for water, mold, and resoling.

  • All upholstery of any fabric steaming.

  • Pet and odor removals by flushing out stains, and over the top cleaning methods to eliminate and breakdown marks or deep odors.

  • Synthetic dye removal

  • Water, Oils, dirt repellent, for all fabrics and stone.

  • Carpet patching, or carpet stretching's, back padding replacements, or full carpet cleaning restorations. 

  • Beds

  • Area rugs

  • Vehicles, Boats, RV's

Odor Removal and Control Mitigations

  • Smoke odors 

  • Microbial odors

  • Animal odors

  • Environmental Tobacco deodorization

  • Controlling odors of contents and furnishings. 

  • Vehicle Deodorizations 

Carpets, Tile & Grout Maintenance


  • Some don't know that carpets release less unhealthy particles in the air that cause asthma and other health issues than hard floor surfaces because they act as an air filter that traps these allergens and improves indoor air quality. Maintaining a clean environment at home improves and promotes a healthy lifestyle by eliminating bacteria and pathogens that cause airborne toxins and respiratory illness.  keeping a routine cleaning schedule minimizes dust mites, allergens, and helps with an overall clean healthy lifestyle.

  • The difference in appearance upon cleaning tile and grout will be completely noticeable if its not routinely cleaned correctly.  When done correctly it's worth it! There are many things that can cause staining on your floor. If you want to get rid of stubborn discolorations, oils, molds, mildew buildups, it's important to use a professional tile cleaning service that can remove these through steam cleaning.


You Order > We Deliver

Our Company will strive to give you a 100% effort toward your satisfaction.  Dry times will very depending on the climate which usually takes around 1 to 4 hours which varies on the amount of soiling and job done on the carpet or floor.  We offer a different variety of cleaning methods which are:


  • Dry Cleaning: dry (Immediately)

  • Encapsulations: dry in around (15-30 min) 

  • Hot water extraction (steaming): dry in around (2 to 4 hours) depending on the climate, and use of air movers. 


Anything can be done with the right equipment.

Hotels, offices, restaurants, bars, kid zones, gyms, schools, small or large businesses, banks, anything goes. 



Call us about our pricing we are reasonable with each customer and offer customized solutions for everyone.

Prices are around $.25 to $3.50 Dollars per square foot. 


Included in our basic pricing.

(carpet grooming, pre vacuum, pre-spray, conditioner, or fiber rinse) . 

Charged separately are:

Pet hair removal, pet urine removals, Odor removals, extra pre sprays or conditioners, removal of bodily fluids, dye removals, gum removals, carpet fixtures, odor removal, fan usage, and blood decontamination. 


  • Love Seat $125.00 & up

  • Sofa $150.00 & up

  • Sectional Sofa $250.00 & up

  • Recliners $100.00 & up

  • Dining or Accent chair $30.00 & up

  • Ottomans $40.00 & up

  • Rugs $80 & Up.



Carpet Cleaning

  • Living Room, Loft Rooms: $100 Small$125 Medium$150 Large

  • Bedrooms: $50 Small$80 Medium$100 Large

  • Stairs sets: $50 Small, $70 Medium, $80 Large

  • Hallways:  $40 Small, $50 Medium,

         $60 Large

  • Walk in Closets: $30 & Up per area


Commercial carpet:                         

 $.25 to $.90 per sq. ft.

Pet Enzyme & Odor removal

  • $40 per quarter gallon. 1 full gallon is equivalent to $160


Tile and Grout

  • Average pricing $100 & up per area.

Stainsafe(fabric) or Super sealants(stone)

  • $80 & Up per area


Grey Living Room Sofa
Image by Jaye Haych
Puppy Portrait
Marble Floor
Water Drops


I requested a quote for a move-out carpet cleaning and about 10-15 minutes later I received a response from Glenn. He was able to get me in within 4 days of requesting the quote which was extremely convenient. Great price, great service, efficient, and responsive. His business is growing so if I ever need carpet cleaning or water restoration done he’s the first person I would call.

Savannah G.

“First time using Karpet Klean as we were moving out they did a great job on the carpet and definitely won't be my last time using. 5 star service would recommend to anybody"

Alex P.




2138 Spring ST.

Paso Robles, CA,





Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

​​Saturday: 9am - 5pm

​Sunday: 9am - 3pm

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